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Client Closet

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Hi, y'all! Want photos but don't have anything to wear? You're in the right place! This is where you can find clothing pieces to rent for your photoshoot.

How to rent: If you see something you like, message me when booking and I will bring the item to the shoot for you to change into. The cost will just be added to your shoot total and the item must be returned at the end of the photo session.

The Lily Dress

Size Small-$15

This dress is a gorgeous sparkly light powder blue with a flowy fit perfect for movement photos like spinning. Note that it does fit pretty short.

The Sasha Dress

Size Small-$15

This pacsun dress is a muted blue with the cutest white daisies on it. The dress is fitted with a drop waist skirt. Also on the shorter side.

Photos of the other pieces in other sizes coming soon! If you would like to model for the client closet feel free to contact me or if there is a certain style or vibe you would like available as a piece in the client closet, send me inspo!

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